Are managed print services worth it?

Our managed print plan offers an agreed cost for each black %26 white and color page, including equipment, payment for existing contracts, toner, service and fleet management. The same cost-per-page across all print output devices will help you budget, recover costs, and assign costs to the right business unit. If you own and maintain printing devices, you may be worried that purchasing a Managed Print Service (MPS) will be more expensive. The good news is that MPS can offer significant cost savings, when done right.

However, not all MPS providers are created equal, and some offer very low prices, but without the services and support that make MPS valuable. Here's what to look for to determine if an MPS offers cost savings. Each managed print service will have a plan that adapts to the specific needs and requirements of the company. It's not hard to believe that all managed print service providers claim they can deliver exactly what you need.

Whether you are familiar with “managed services”, “cloud”, or “managed cloud services”, it may be useful to review these terms, as well as the potential benefits of managed IT cloud services for your organization. This is where IT outsourcing print services could help save your business money while reinforcing your current printing processes. You'll never be surprised by a high impression bill because you'll always know what it's going to be before you receive it. However, with managed printing, you'll be able to analyze each device individually to decide which configuration to use, which features are best, and if it's time to perform an upgrade, and only then will those machines become a powerful, unified fleet.

Your organization may be interested in the idea of managed IT, but you don't know what components of your IT infrastructure to outsource. Ultimately, it pays to partner with a managed print provider to optimize your printing environment, reduce costs, and improve productivity. Managed print services (MPS) are not new to the office technology industry, but they have evolved and become more accessible than ever to businesses across the country. With more than 25 years of industry knowledge and a range of brands to choose from, Axia Office can tailor a managed print service specific to your business, overcoming these headaches and managing your copiers and printers efficiently and cost-effectively.

In addition, you can take some of the burden off your IT staff, because nationally, 23 percent of all IT calls are print-related. However, managed printing is one of the most underutilized resources available to businesses, often because IT leaders don't fully understand the value it brings. In many cases, a managed print service provider can purchase an existing contract and take over the maintenance of existing machines.

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