Is managed services same as saas?

While SaaS provides businesses with software that they can use in the cloud (with all the benefits that come with it), managed services go one step further and often offer additional support by addressing network and hardware requirements. SaaS applications offer a standard software solution for approximately 80% of what a business may need. The same goes for mSaaS applications, the difference is that mSaaS service providers will configure their core software or create new custom features to give you 100% of what your business needs. While SaaS provides businesses with software they can use in the cloud (with all the benefits that come with it), managed services go one step further.

They often offer additional support by taking care of network and hardware requirements. The software-as-a-service model can be a good fit for companies that are fully committed to staffing their IT infrastructure, but who need outsourced applications to have cutting-edge services and be at the next level. In short, the companies that will gain the most advantage from SaaS are those with an existing IT infrastructure.

Managed IT

service providers, on the other hand, collaborate with their customers and provide IT expertise and pre-built IT infrastructure.

There are also remote IT service providers who fully maintain and control their customers' IT operations, so that these customers focus on more critical projects and business processes. Managed services have a higher price, but you get the value of your money in flexibility. With SaaS, you're literally paying a subscription cost for a software program. Managed services connect you to real people, giving you access to the people behind the computer and the ability to modify the software or platform you are using to fit your needs.

You don't get full control and there is a limit to the flexibility of managed services to adapt to your needs, but their adaptability is much greater than that of SaaS.

Managed IT services

are IT tasks that a third-party vendor provides to a customer; they can be businesses of all sizes. Managed services are a more complete outsourcing of information technology business functions such as security and networks, says Robert Mahowald, director of SaaS research at IT research firm IDC. For these reasons, you should ensure that your legal representative reviews your documents and procedures to ensure that you are not putting yourself under liability by sharing this information with a third party, such as managed services or SaaS.

A managed security company, for example, might recommend that a company replace its faulty servers and replace them with services provided through the cloud. Managed services also include taking care of all your hardware and networking needs (dealing with multiple vendors, so you don't have to). When an organization's IT infrastructure becomes more complicated due to technological advances, there is a high probability that the organization will consider integrating managed IT services or SaaS solution. The managed service provider is responsible for maintaining the organization's IT operations that benefit the service.

With remote IT services, an organization doesn't have to worry about changing focus as it grows, because a managed service provider is already configured to do so seamlessly. Midsize businesses today rejoice at the number of services available for their IT and customer service needs. While the cost of a SaaS application is often much lower than that of a managed service application, users pay for the care, maintenance and support, seamless upgrades, and customization that MSPs can offer. They are adopting these solutions to overcome the costs and complications of managing their IT systems and using traditional application bundles.

It can be a smart business decision to seek and hire temporary help at lower prices to help you manage and grow your business sufficiently to the point where you can subscribe to a SaaS or contract managed services to meet your growing needs. If you have any questions, be sure to contact your potential SaaS or managed service providers to get the answers you need to make the best business decision. If you have any questions about security or liability, contact your managed service provider or SaaS for more information. .


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