What are 4 examples of services?

Social services benefit society as a whole. They are paid by taxes and non-profit organizations rather than direct transactions. You may notice that elements such as education appear in both goods and services. A teacher standing in front of the class he is teaching you is a service; the education you receive as a result is good.

A service is an act or use (intangible) for which a consumer, a company or a government is willing to pay. Examples include work done by barbers, doctors, lawyers, mechanics, banks, insurance companies, etc. Public services are those for which society (nation state, tax union, or region) as a whole pays. By using resources, skills, ingenuity and experience, service providers benefit service consumers.

Services can be defined as acts or actions in which the service provider provides value to the customer. Service companies offer features that make life more comfortable or worry about problems that people can't satisfy on their own. For example, health care, home health care, and cleaning service offer services that make life more comfortable and safer. Online services are an emerging industry; for example, social media companies that provide the connection and communication service or music download companies that offer melodies that bring excitement, happiness, or peace to listeners.

Every public service provided by the government is for its citizens. Examples include the police force, the armed forces, ambulances, paramedics, and the fire brigade. In addition, healthcare (in most advanced economies) is a service, as is public broadcasting, urban planning and waste management. This is a classic example of a service that thrives because it satisfies a need of people who don't have time or simply don't enjoy cleaning.

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